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Thursday, March 25, 2021

From bits and pieces

Have you ever tried to just let yourself go and sit back and work on something at random? Well I had some beautiful pieces of tapestry yarn of the finest quality that I put to use. 

I straightened the pieces first...

And as I worked I joined them together in knots. 

I kept the knots to the back of the work and crocheted on picking up random colors. 

The interplay of colors were so pretty and with no clue on where each color was going to end. Weaving in these uncertainties brought out its own meaning and design from what seemingly looked as chaos. 

In this picture you find a pretty fabric created with diverse strands. I loved the end result and the bright pop of colors at play. There’s joy in unplanned color combinations!!! 

I have not blogged in a while but hope to keep blogging some of my work ... 
until next time 
Keep smiling !!! 

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  1. So nice!!! O received your blog in portuguese!!!! Congratulations!