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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Facelift for a recliner

Here is a hairpin lace accent that made for someone who had wanted a splash of color for their recliner. A beautiful handwoven woolen shawl hugs the arm rest, while  my handwoven pumpkin colored piece drapes the neck of the recliner. 
I made this piece using my hairpin lace loom and a crochet hook. Simply loved the rhythm of the loom in my hands. 
Hope you like how a little string of yarn can make a recliner look totally new!!
Hairpin lace is a vintage stitch by the way!! 

Solomon knot or the love knot

Here is the Solomon knot or the love knot v shaped shawl that I made, after it reached its destination. 
This was my carry along wait time project that went on several road trips!!

The effect is pretty, delicate light and breezy. Would certainly  accent any dress or beach wear, evening wear etc. 
Hope you like it!! 

I used a soft acrylic peach colored yarn, and a crochet hook.