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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Baby booties

Hello lovely people,
I had  not blogged past couple of days. Was busy  giving the finishing touches to a pretty baby cardigan.  I am making the booties now. Will post the pictures soon. Hmm am wondering what buttons to make for this???

In the past I have designed and handmade yummy looking buttons for all my fibre art work, be it woven or  sewn apparel and accesories. My first choice hence always leans towards something unique and handmade rather than buttons that are massmade through a machine.  
Wishing you a great time until we meet again.......Do not forget to look at buttons and appreciate them in all their cuteness...handmade or machine made...on your own clothes or anywhere!!
Lots of Love

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Square broomstick lace baby blanket

Hello dear ones,
Here is a baby blanket that I made, that measures  36" by 36".

I have used a loom technique wherein 4 broomsticks were used to work on continuous 3 rows of broomstick lace, increasing at every corner, as edging, working on the wrong side after finishing the main square broomstick block, to give a cascading ripple  effect.

This is not a easy project and requires high level of skill both in maneuvering the broomsticks (knitting needles) 4 at a time as well as creating the perfect alignment. Patience is the key ingredient.

This is how I made this:
Start with 19 times 5 chains, turn with 3 chains and work dc into every chain continuing with 19 rows of broomstick lace. (Using sc to gather 5 loops st a time).

Turn with 3 chains and work one dc into all chains and continue along the third side of the square. Fasten off and edge the opposite side with dc. (while working the side edging work 4 dc into the side loops of the broomstick and the 5th dc into the side of the sc that went into formation of the broomstick rows)
Fasten off.
Rejoin in one corner and work loops on 4 broomsticks one on each side. Use dowels (knitting needles/broomstick)  of your choice long enough and longer than your intended breadth of the blanket. Sitting on the floor helps in working with the loom 4 each side of the square. Or use a large table.

While gathering the broomstick loops in the edging row, work 5 sc into each 5 loop gathered, but in the corners work 8 sc instead of 5. Into three groups of 5 loops. This gives the additional 9 stitches needed for turning the corners.
Work the three rows of edging on the Wrongside. To give the textured

Edge finally with slip stitch in between two broomsticks groups of 5, and working one sc, one half dc and one dc and one half dc followed by a sc and a slip stitch.
This gives a gentle curve.
In the 8 sc, work two sc instead of one as before.

Make a rose and a pink bow and attach. The finished blanket measures 36".

Use wooden dowels of your choice. I used a 5.50 mm hook and Bernat baby coordinates yarn.

Am blogging from my phone.

Please leave a comment or on my Facebook page Minuet in S,  that you will find on my blog, for any questions.

More pictures...

Lots of love, until you visit again,

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Spring blooms

Spring flowers heavily laden with rain showers are gently beginning to let themselves fall in abandon on the green welcoming blades of soft grass.

It is a blessing indeed to be able to see the beautiful garden blooms, feel the petal soft yarn and smell the fresh mown grass... and weave them all into something beautiful.

Here is a favorite spring fresh yarn too..simply love the beauty of nature that inspires me to weave into my fibre art..

Best wishes till we meet again,
Wishing you happy spring moments,
Lots of love

Crochet Granny Square ponchos

A poncho is a very comfortable attire. It can be quickly slipped over something to keep warm or be a garment by itself. I have made baby ponchos that are absolutely cute. Here is an adult size poncho that I made in crochet. Hope you like it. The use of bright colors is so refreshing indeed.

Have you owned or made a Poncho anytime? Do share your experiences with a poncho. I have designed  awesome fabric and quilt ponchos too. It is a timeless beauty indeed..don't you agree?
Until we meet again,
Lots of love

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time to sew

Sewing time !! Just completed designing and sewing two sari blouses. A sari blouse is a short skin tight blouse that is worn along with a sari, which is a long 6 yard length of material akin a long scarf which is draped around the body, and the ends are tucked into a supporting skirt over which the sari is draped. This  picture  is of a white sari and blouse...

I must say that the sari is indeed a very versatile garment invention that looks so graceful. You can google on "sari" and learn more about this garment.

Thanks to the automatic threader the time to thread the needle is indeed cut short!! I remember my mother at the treadle machine calling out to me, to come and thread the needle. As children we had sharp eyes and we did thread it in a shorter time than my mother. I must say that this automatic threader would be the best ever when there are no children around and for empty nesters who sew!!

Do spend time learning more about the sari, and do leave a comment if you can and until we meet again
Bye now

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Garden flowers

Some spring blooms for you from the garden...enjoy them as much as I did and until we meet again
Lots of love

Nature's jewelry stand for display

Hello  precious people,
Isn't it great to be able to visit with each other through blogs and share the art?
New spring shoots, sharp shadows, bright sunshine, chirpy birds set the right mood..and the trunk of the tree serves as my jewelry display stand.
I made these granny square earrings inspired by the budding flowers and leaves. I  incorporated into my design little pieces of rough cut  jade and coral, that reflect the colors of the buds and leaves as well. They  look so pretty.

.. It's the same shoot again...And the buds are now blossoming....they look so  awesome indeed.

You just saw a black granny square earring and a pink granny square earring. They are absolutely featherweight and add the kind of luminant  addition to the ear with its open design and the angle in which it is suspended.

The same buds...getting bigger..and so beautiful indeed                                

Soon there will be a carpet of flowers when they all drop down..
Until then
lots of love

Monday, April 8, 2013

Ornamental crochet hooks

Hello visitors,
Glad you came into this page. I just made a crochet hook for myself.

I shaped the handle akin a rose vine. I simply love roses. Here you see it in such joyous company with the pretty Peaches & Creme Cotton Yarn.
Life they say is not a bed of roses..looking at this I think life is indeed not only a bed of roses (I am just about to weave a baby blanket) when a crochet hook has roses as well.

Here are my team mates!!. It certainly makes a difference to me crocheting with a rose vine and the fragrance of rose petals go in and out of the yarn making crochet such a lovable experience.
I have made some with plain twirls of colors and some are just simply plain..fuller ones and not so full ones...I like my crochet hooks...don't you?
Lots of love

Broomstick Crochet iPhone pouch

Here is my iphone pouch being made in Peaches and Creme Cotton Yarn and my cute little handmade crochet hook.

The pouch can be used to keep little things other than iPhones too.
Hope you like the design.

I have used the the broomstick crochet stitch for this pouch.

Added a little pearl too...I love pearls..

Until we meet again
Lots of love

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Daffodils and Spring time...Where does my inspiration come from?

It's Spring!! The cherry blossoms are about to burst forth in the area. The daffodils are in full bloom dancing away in the breeze...

.. I picked one of them and brought it inside and placed it alongside the one that I made with crochet...don't they look good together.. !

My inspiration comes from nature. Daffodils look like sunshine dancing on the leaves...Hope you like them too..Until my next blog wishing you plenty of love and sunshine..