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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Crocheting sheep, broomstick lace cozy, bottle topper

Presenting the most lovable crocheting sheep couple.. One who is crocheting and the other who is donating his yarn straight off his back.. !! He is holding the rose for her too!! and hanging out in the rose garden!!

Well ..I made this bottle topper and cozy with broomstick lace.
Can you see the little details here? The sheep has a crochet hook and is weaving a granny square blanket for themselves...How cute is that?

They also  have a smile of their face. I handcrafted the sheep and all of what you see ..The sheep have some rouge on their cheeks too!!

I so love sheep and crochet and this piece of mine has both of them in it!! Can store gummy bears or cute little art thingies in this bottle cozy. Isn't it fun to make dresses for bottles too?

You see my cute crocheting sheep here again..look at where all the wool has gone into from the sheep's back!! Wool cannot be any much more fresh...

I must say I do like the iphone 5 which takes such great pictures. So handy and useful indeed.

Another picture for you..a view from the top.. The grass and rose patch is so very refreshing...

More of the loving crocheting sheep couple..

I like the lovely sheen on my broomstick lace cozy..the cozy can be removed and washed and also used as a draw string bag. I designed this with a tightknit circular base that makes the drawstring bag to have its form and hold up well.
Another use is as a candle holder.
Hope you enjoyed this, and until we meet again..
With lots of love ..

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