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Sunday, May 29, 2016

Hairpin lace shawl...

Alongside the t shirt quilt whenever I had some time away from the sewing nook I was working on this one from red heart's unforgettable collection.. And completed it in the for the show and tell quilters meet yesterday where I took this along .. Here are the pictures...

Two t shirt quilts I hand quilted with ties and made for my classmate. Toolkit me several months to make the top.. 30 blocks each of 16" squares. Both reached her sons when she gift them fit the Harvard MD graduation .. And her engineer son also received it. So blessed to have been part of their life stories. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

Clock facelift

Here's an old clock that needed a little facelift. 
I created fabric yarn from a t shirt and se left over yarn and decorated the click with fabric yo yos and bling!! Hope you like this!!

A peacock hairpin lace shawl

Have been longing to crochet with the stained glass unforgettable yarn from Red heart on my hairpin loom. The yarn is silky and pretty to work with. Here are my process pictures. 

One motif at a time the rhythm is soothing ...

After I assembled all the pieces together I carried it with me to weave in the loose ends and add the tassels during my wait time in the car waiting for my friend. 
 Daylight helps in weaving in the ends .. 

Here's the finished shawl. It is triangular in shape. Certainly light weight and breezy design. The link to the pattern is in the "bridal shawl" post. 

The peacock is the national bird of  and I really love the peacock color. 

So light and breezy indeed just as the feathers ..

Hope you liked this piece. 

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Bridal shawl .. Hairpin lace with broomstick edging

The Bridal shawl in Hairpin lace with the beautiful bride. Here is the pattern of this shawl with broomstick lace edging .. Replace that with tassels. 

I have used Bernat Baby yarn in Antique White. The results vary with the kind of yarn you would use. There are plenty of tutorials on YouTube  on how to work the hairpin lace. Please follow that with the pattern. It is a process of crocheting shells with the help of a hairpin loom and then attaching them together as you go... 
Try it with a left over yarn first with just six  shells as sample to form a small v shape .. And once you get the feel of it go for the project. It has a beautiful rhythm in the weave and I enjoyed making it. 
While joining the shells please use a table or lapdesk to lay the pieces as you join. This has helped me a lot, visually and increases the speed of joining too.