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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Few non crocheting moments

So what's going on within the non crocheting moments.... I tossed a few mustard seeds and watched the new life burst forth from within. What a pure delight this was!!!
And...... Took out a well used iron griddle of over 25 years. This was gift by a dear friend. This is used for the traditional rose cookies as they are called in India. I get a batter of sugar rice flour and all purpose flour ready with a beaten egg and pinch of salt, and let it stand. In the meantime I heat  the iron griddle and dip the heated griddle in the batter and dip it again in hot oil. I love to see the batter slowly turning color and leave the griddle blooming into a pretty flower. I use a drop of vanilla and these flowers come out crisp and with an awesome smell. 
So here they are... To brighten up any day when I am not crocheting yarn flowers!!! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Plarn = Yarn + Plastic!!

A quick post on some of my recent work..

I made this from throw away plastic bags, also known in the crochet world as plarn.. to denote yarn made from plastic.

I must say that it does make a pretty mat that is fairly soft and pliable and washable too.
The possibilities are endless with plarn, and the greatest benefit is the recycling part.. that appeals to me the most.
I simple cut out the strips and rolled them into a ball akin a yarn ball and started crocheting this.
I seem to have collected quite a few bags now.... Hoping to make more ...