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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Few non crocheting moments

So what's going on within the non crocheting moments.... I tossed a few mustard seeds and watched the new life burst forth from within. What a pure delight this was!!!
And...... Took out a well used iron griddle of over 25 years. This was gift by a dear friend. This is used for the traditional rose cookies as they are called in India. I get a batter of sugar rice flour and all purpose flour ready with a beaten egg and pinch of salt, and let it stand. In the meantime I heat  the iron griddle and dip the heated griddle in the batter and dip it again in hot oil. I love to see the batter slowly turning color and leave the griddle blooming into a pretty flower. I use a drop of vanilla and these flowers come out crisp and with an awesome smell. 
So here they are... To brighten up any day when I am not crocheting yarn flowers!!! 

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