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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Square broomstick lace baby blanket

Hello dear ones,
Here is a baby blanket that I made, that measures  36" by 36".

I have used a loom technique wherein 4 broomsticks were used to work on continuous 3 rows of broomstick lace, increasing at every corner, as edging, working on the wrong side after finishing the main square broomstick block, to give a cascading ripple  effect.

This is not a easy project and requires high level of skill both in maneuvering the broomsticks (knitting needles) 4 at a time as well as creating the perfect alignment. Patience is the key ingredient.

This is how I made this:
Start with 19 times 5 chains, turn with 3 chains and work dc into every chain continuing with 19 rows of broomstick lace. (Using sc to gather 5 loops st a time).

Turn with 3 chains and work one dc into all chains and continue along the third side of the square. Fasten off and edge the opposite side with dc. (while working the side edging work 4 dc into the side loops of the broomstick and the 5th dc into the side of the sc that went into formation of the broomstick rows)
Fasten off.
Rejoin in one corner and work loops on 4 broomsticks one on each side. Use dowels (knitting needles/broomstick)  of your choice long enough and longer than your intended breadth of the blanket. Sitting on the floor helps in working with the loom 4 each side of the square. Or use a large table.

While gathering the broomstick loops in the edging row, work 5 sc into each 5 loop gathered, but in the corners work 8 sc instead of 5. Into three groups of 5 loops. This gives the additional 9 stitches needed for turning the corners.
Work the three rows of edging on the Wrongside. To give the textured

Edge finally with slip stitch in between two broomsticks groups of 5, and working one sc, one half dc and one dc and one half dc followed by a sc and a slip stitch.
This gives a gentle curve.
In the 8 sc, work two sc instead of one as before.

Make a rose and a pink bow and attach. The finished blanket measures 36".

Use wooden dowels of your choice. I used a 5.50 mm hook and Bernat baby coordinates yarn.

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More pictures...

Lots of love, until you visit again,


  1. Beautiful baby blanket Aunty!!!! :-)

  2. Very pretty Shanti, so good to see this. with love vimala

  3. Fantastic! I would never be able to do something this involved in a million years.

  4. Hi, any chance that you'll make an YouTube tutorial? Really want to make one for my friend's grand-daughter. Thank you!

  5. This is the most beautiful blanket I have seen. I've been doing broomstick crochet for almost 30 years (my husband actually cut and sanded a real broomstick for me) but had never figured out the fantastic layering technique you have invented. Kudos and thanks for sharing. jb

  6. Thank you so very much Jean. Appreciate your kind words. Hope you will visit again.

  7. Can I get the pattern? I would like to make one for my neice.

  8. The blanket is absolutely gorgeous and I also would love to have the pattern. I can not find the pattern anywhere.

    1. Thanks much. I can write the pattern when I find some time...

  9. This blanket is SOOOO Beautiful!

  10. beautiful blanket. Would love to get the pattern to make one for my grand child's arrival this summer

  11. Hello i want to ask if you have a video of the stitch is beautiful but when read I don’t know make thanks and thanks