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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Time to sew

Sewing time !! Just completed designing and sewing two sari blouses. A sari blouse is a short skin tight blouse that is worn along with a sari, which is a long 6 yard length of material akin a long scarf which is draped around the body, and the ends are tucked into a supporting skirt over which the sari is draped. This  picture  is of a white sari and blouse...

I must say that the sari is indeed a very versatile garment invention that looks so graceful. You can google on "sari" and learn more about this garment.

Thanks to the automatic threader the time to thread the needle is indeed cut short!! I remember my mother at the treadle machine calling out to me, to come and thread the needle. As children we had sharp eyes and we did thread it in a shorter time than my mother. I must say that this automatic threader would be the best ever when there are no children around and for empty nesters who sew!!

Do spend time learning more about the sari, and do leave a comment if you can and until we meet again
Bye now

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