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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Broomstick Lace Peacock doily

I visit the farm  3 weeks ago. Click here to see what I did there, and the peacock that inspired me.
Click HERE to see my other  peacock creations. See my peacock work HERE too, and read more about my  serenading peacocks  HERE .
As you can see I like the peacock. Here is a peacock doily, that can also be used as a mug mat that I designed last week and started on it.....with Caron simply soft autumn red and red heart metallic yarn and green...Although my choice of peacock colors are not there certainly it looks like a peacock that changed its costume!!  So it does not adhere to the typical stereo typed peacock colors!!

 Finished the whole piece  two hours ago.

I made this doily with the peacock eye or the broomstick lace technique of working on the round. You can find tips on the internet on how to work the broomstick on the round.

I designed my peacock to look to the left or the right by just flipping the direction of  the neck !! to give it some variety.

These are some of my other peacock work.

Hope to meet more peacocks along the way in my journey. 
Until we meet again lots of love to you and please do leave a comment. I love to hear from my readers.

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  1. Shanti - peacock has been inspiring you in all your art form. Great keep it up