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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Sand Art

This is the Hermosa beach. The smell of the sea,  the sight of the birds, the sound of the waves the feel of the sand. and cool water under the feet and  water lapping over my feet was so invigorating. Left my shoes on the shore...such a delight to be so bare and barefoot!!

Walked with the  sea green waves..

The waves brought in some strings akin garlands of seaweeds for me, and the birds left me some of their feathers...I picked up one feather and made myself a small tiny sand castle with sand that was judiciously moistened just right by friendly waves.....

Watched each wave compete with each other to reach the sand castle...Some came as near but was not enough.....

Finally they did reach, and when they castle was all washed away....I had company, the sea gulls busy fishing and somewatching me too..

Read more about the Hermosa beach by clicking HERE 
The waves never get tired is it not to come back to the shore again and again and again...they are indeed so persevering... .

Reminded me of the Marina Beach in my hometown. Read more about the Marina Beach HERE
The beach was a mile away from the home where I grew up. The smell of the sea brings me so much comfort, meaning  and warm memories.

The sunset today was not marked, as the clouds were quite heavy, yet it was a beautiful experience. There were quite a few people fishing from the pier. And I did watch a large fish that was caught. The birds were quite well fed with the bounty of fish here.

Simply loved the deep aqua color of the sea. The white foam resembled the edging of a crisp pure white crochet lace. It was akin a natural God made pretty and huge sea green doily with a white edging that was trying to spread itself on the table of fine sand. 

Left my signature with child like glee and as I walked back I took back a part of the sea back in my heart, thanking God for my journey and all the people I have met, and all the joy and love shared with each. Thank you dear visitor for have walked in and left your foot print on my blog too. Should you feel at anytime drawn to leave a comment for me, please do so and I love to hear from you. Until then with every grain of sand and every wave the relentlessly embraces the shore, I wish you all the very best in everything you so and success in everything your hands set to do. Many Blessings.

Until we meet again
With lots of love


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