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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

On the shores of the Pacific ...

Visit the shores again and got so inspired, each wave seemed like pretty freshly crochet doilies reaching out to my feet!!

I waited for the sun to set. A lone bird was flying past.. Everything turned golden ..

Some were playing with the waves...

Some were walking along the waves..

It was spectacular to see the seaweeds being washed ashore..some looked like crochet woven strands..

The pier and the smell of the sea was so comforting and reminded me of the sea next to which I grew up.

The waves never get tired and come on again and again to touch the shore..

These birds were strolling around too..this birdie was looking at human footprints!!

The mountains beyond...the sound of the waves, people playing, birds flapping by were all so harmoniously beautiful..

There was so much color lighting up the skies..

And food too...

The funnel cake..
The highlight of the visit was watching art ..a painting being done by just using the nails and finger tips. Each piece was exquisite painted on mirrors. There is no end to the world of colors and working with anything that one has. No paint brushes no easel and no fancy studio..with sand at the feet, and fingers as brushes and nails as pen tips, and a few blotches of color, the sky the roof, and the passers by the audience, there was genius etched into every painting, that told a story.
Until we meet again with lots of love

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