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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Look who is trying to crochet

My cutie bear is trying out a granny Square.. In an instant when I was gone she got into my chair!! She certainly has done a great job weaving that little granny square it not? Do leave a message for her!! And until we meet again,
Lots of love from me..

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today's Inspiration, Beyond the Skies and Veggies...

God's creation is so awesome indeed  and fills the palette with colors...

Here's the last of the snow of the season...

New Daffodil buds have sprung up even before the last block of snow has wonder it is called so dramatically springs up..

The skies are as beautiful as ever...and so inspiring with their vibrant ever changing formations and depth in color..

 The veggies also inspire taut and shiny and colorful and so full of life! They make me dive into my yarn bag and draw out the colors..we know where the colors of the yarn come from! My delicate doily is my all time favorite..and white lace is a timeless piece I think..

This yarn sitting with the green peppers is from my Bucilla 100% Pure Virgin Wool collection, needlepoint crewel wool. The colors are vibrant and the strands of three give me an option to separate them and use them for very delicate and minute work.

You can see the strands here. The feel of this  pure wool is utterly gorgeous and a pleasure to work with.
The skies and the veggies will never seem the same..they are my vibrant living pallette..
Until we meet again, lots of love from

My world of color and wool

These flowers were so endearing .. it was almost as if they were asking me to buy them all and bring them home...

What an awesome dash of colors. Nature has the most wonderful palette of colors. Looking at green and blue flowers with such depth in beauty is a feast for the heart and soul.

more pictures for you...these sure inspire me with my afghan crochet combinations..when I plan to weave the next blanket I shall revisit these pictures..and weave this on to them..don't you think that will be lovely?

Here is my yarn collection Bucille, pure wool..the colors seem to match so well indeed..
Love them..

More from my it paints or wool..animal fibre or acryclic fibre made yarn or clay ..i love colors, its like having tha rainbow in my reach to create something ..

I was arranging them to see what I would do with them picking up random colors...

To create a rugged effect I joined them on purpose with knots such as these..

Begining the weave them in simple SC stitches. The play of randomly picked strands and knots inbetween is creating a great texture..

Here's the finished patch. It is so precious I shall reserve this for using on something priceless for myself...Have neve owned my own yarn bag..can I use this somewhere ..when I make my own yarn tote?

Certainly looks yumm..

A glimpse at a boquet of flowers turned into something so precious indeed..

Until we meet again, wishing you lots of love and laughter.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring snow

Winter snow embraced spring today... Well, Snow flakes on my nose and yarn roses ...... These are a few of my favorite things... Enjoy the pictures..
Lots of love

Banana Banter: A Crochet Banana Cozy

Hello dear ones,
I made a cozy for a Banana.. See the story in pictures...

Just selected the right shades of yarn..

Started working from the tip of the banana following the same color pattern from the model of a real banana that I used..

Used SC and DCs in one continous circle around increasing to cover the curve of the banana..

Working to see the right fit helps in getting the perfect cozy.

It is almost like a designer fitting the clothes on the model to examine the fit..I handmade a cute little banana button too for this draw string cozy.

Using different shades of yellow I was able to replicate the shade as in the real banana.

Here is the banana venturing out into the snow with a warm cozy...just as hens, horses, and dogs have warm cozies to step does this banana..
Well I made it for using this to carry a banana inside the handbag for a little snack whilst preventing it from getting squished. So it is like a carry bag I would say.

Here's another handmade banana that is peeled already? Who peeled this one?

Time to say goodbye, until we meet again,
With lots of love

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wagga Wagga and Kangaroos...

Hello dear ones,
Presenting here a cute little kangaroo mom and baby, that I made.

The Mommy kangaroo has a pretty blue shawl and flowers in her head. And her pouch has a lovely beaded edging!!
The following picture is my crochet circular rug and on whcih I have placed a wall hanging/lapdesk that has a pouch to hold any thing..and I have placed the picture of my Wagga Wagga: Australia Visit in there, in which remembrance I had made the Kangaroo.

I made this kangaroo  figurine in remembrance of watching a kangaroo hopping by, whilst visiting Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia, during my commission as Rotary Special Ambassador of Peace. Also seen here is me with Tony Quinlivan who started the Peace Communities Project, and his wife,  at the Peace Monument, after the Rotary  Peace Conference, in 2000.

Kangaroos are very special to me, reflects care and compassion.
Until we meet again,
Lots of love

The touch: A clay figurine

Hello dear ones,
Presented here is my clay figurine of the healing touch. They comprise of 3 pieces.
The shawl is a Separate piece in this sculpture.

Until we meet again,
Lots of love

Cuff bracelets: Broomstick lace

Hello dear ones,
Here is a  crisp cotton yarn bracelet I am making in broomstick lace crochet ... just getting the buttons fixed.

  Made a button  earring as well. I guess this has a blend of the vintage with the modern all mixed  into one.  Should go well with a pretty sleeveless top or dress I think.  Will be a great thing to carry for a  quick evening party after work  transformation... The earrings are made with  silver plated hoops . Particular mention of my spade thread, which is one of my favourites, and is made in India. It has proved to be very gentle to the hands while sewing and with a  firm hold in just  a few stitches!!

Until we meet again.
With lots of love

Friday, March 22, 2013

Snowy art

Hello dear ones,
Here is some art that I made with the snow....Drawing and sketching in the snow and admiring some natural formations fun.

Have drawn my name up there !!

Two froggies are sitting after trying to fish on a cold snowy day!!

Here is my tiny snow man  all spiced up with cloves for eyes and chilly for nose!! So spicy hot that it started melting quick..

This sure looks like "kolams" in southern India drawn at the entrance of each home with rice flour let to pass akin a sieve through the deft fingers into pretty patterns. 

Water from the well..
Until we meet again
Lots of love