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Thursday, March 7, 2013

White Water and nature's Quilt

Water cuts through all layers of language, race and culture.  Water, patterned by nature,  is the most understood by all. Water  is something that seamlessly sews and  connects all of us. I often use water as a metaphor in reaching and communicating into different worlds of meaning. Truly water has much spiritual significance as well, and is used as a metaphor  therein.  An eample of one such water related metaphorical usage has existed for many generations in the corporate world, although we may not have paid much attention to it, just as we take water for granted. It  is applied much in communicating finance. Such as pump the money in, solvency, deposits, bank, float a loan etc. Using a known world we explain the unknown,  in our communications process.  
Living waters Oh how beautiful you are!!

The snow is melting here and this maybe the last of the snow before spring. I love transitions I love these two handcrafted containers of water. In someparts of the world, water is stored in earthen ware containers such as these. Have you ever sipped water from on such? I have  sipped drinking water served in such earthen ware containers in Jaipur India. So naturally cool and healing indeed.  The water has a heavenly earthly taste, made from the potter's clay. The transition from winter to spring is beautiful indeed, as nature melts the seasons into each other, embracing the last and welcoming the new. Snow ice water frost dew rain ....we experience them all....

Nature's quilt!!
Does this not look like a quilt, the base material, the intermediary wadding or stuffing that goes between the bottom and the top layer of the quilt and the top the wood and the ice and the snow looks like a 3 layered quilt to me!! Loving it ..the more I see it.

Measured up!!
My polymer clay straight edge ruler..measuring the depth of the soft quilt...

Icing on the cake !!
This looks to me like my cake dressing projects. Someone up there was baking and icing cakes and some of which did fall off his  table!!
This seems to look like  last of the snow and so  get ready for spring...
Remembering Robert Browning's poem that the first  of life was made for the last and the best is yet to come...the best is yet to come folks..keep smiling.
Lots of love


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