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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Muddy delight: Broomstick lace scarf

Intermittent rains tried to wash the snow away, and the little buds pushed themselves out of the well settled dirt whenever they all ...they created a palette of their own with muddy earthly hues and my yarn simply reflected what was going on .. It was a muddy delight indeed!! The clayey softness outside got me working with my clay as well, nibbling on some chocolates and felt the sweet muddy delight of nature...So here goes.. my design..
The stitch is broomstick or the jiffy lace also called the peacock eye lace.

Designed the earrings to go with it too.

Verigated yarn is pretty indeed, and has an interplay of a bounty of color to suit the mood and setting.
I seem to like them a lot. The earrings have my handmade clay beads made to suit the colors in the yarn .

The yarn with some yumm peanut cholcolates...


The yarn with my clay and a chocolate..can you tell the difference?
Again the mix recipe for my clay creations are known only to me.
Broomstick lace gives an open work lacy effect, and is therefore light, and is more a fashion statement than something that I would rely on to keep the cold away.

Hope you liked this scarf. A broomstick lace is the only crochet stitch apart from the tunisian crochet that has more than one stitch at a time that is held active.
The main difference otherwise between crochet and knitting is that crochet works one stitch at a time whilst knitting works with many at the same time. I crochet more, although I do know  how to knit. I guess this is a matter of preference and personal choice.

Time for goodbyes, and until next time,
Lots of love to you




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