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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Sparrow with polymerclay.

Hello dear ones,
How have you been. Have you seen Sparrows?
I love them a lot. They bring to mind chirpy laughter and giggles and fellowship. It is rare that we find sparrows alone. They are forever busy picking up grains and flying about. There are different kinds of sparrows...and the one I have designed and made here is with polymer clay.
The smaller one was a bought sparrow.
My aunt who saw this remarked that the wings of the sparrow I designed  looks like the border of an Indian sari (a sari is a long piece of fabric that is draped as an attire and worn by women, and the sari origin is from India, and is often embelished with bright colorful boders). Do you think so too?

I did not use any paints and all clay proportions and mixes and recipies are my own. I have not published the formulas here. Since no paints have been used,  all colors found on the sparrow, were created by my formulas for clay.
Bye now and until we meet again,
Enjoy your day with chirpy laughter and joy.
With lots of love

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