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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Curry leaf plant and a crochet mat

It's amazing to watch new baby leaves in the curry leaf plant grow and unfold.  The curry leaf plant is a very difficult plant to maintain and grow. It hence fills me with so much  excitement to watch it unfold.
The secret in maintaining one is to pour the water in  the bottom tray, and make available water for the plant to absorb as required. The roots are kept fairly less dry.
Having survived 4 winters this baby curry plant is such a delight and he is sure growing up.
The curry leaf is used in Asian cooking and is rich in iron and it is believed to help hair growth. 

You can see one of my crochet mats beneath.
The skies are bright and chirpy and the curry leaf plant loves sunshine although it does not survive exposure outside. Hence as observed in US, the curry leaf plant is kept safely indoors, and transferred to a larger pot, as and when it has to be. Baby plants grow by the side of the mother plant.

Keep smiling and make it a point to observe the curry leaf used in yummy Indian dishes ..if you happen to visit to have a taste of Indian cuisine.
Until we meet again
Lots of love

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