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Monday, March 18, 2013

Serenading Peacocks

 There is something so very beautiful  and charming when we think of the courting and serenading peacocks. I have seen them with their exceptional  display of colors,  while in the process of  courting  each other, and this enthralling piece of courting beauty inspired me to make this focal necklace pendant.
This piece is comprised of 2 peacocks  and 2 focal beads, made with gold plated wire.
The sari on which I have placed the serenading peacocks also has a peacock woven into it. Traditional  courting scenes are always accompanied by a peacock woven into it, in South Asian tapestry.

For this piece I had mixed a couple of   blues,  until I was satisfied and metallic shades as well.  The success of any piece depends on the palette recipe. Each of my pieces are handmade and the recipes differ according to the posture of the piece.  I do not usually share the recipe proportions as I have arrived at that through years of learning and practice.

The coils that you find in this necklace are known as the Egyptian coils. These coils were part of the jewelry of the royalty in Egypt, and were retrieved from ancient royal tombs.
Until we meet next
Lots of love to you

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