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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Food inspiration: Crochet Mat from Plarn

Cashew nuts are a very popular treat .. They are delicious indeed when made into a paste, combined with sugar syrup,  flavored with cardamom and  stirred and cooked in hot ghee, left to stand and cool to be  cut into pretty pieces  topped with real edible silver...There is so much of labor that goes into making this sweet dish. And one such was my yarn inspiration...

You see a bowl of delicious cashew sweets, as well as delicious yarn and my favorite plarn mat that I crochet from plastic covers. I had used 4 such covers.
Isn't that pretty to make something that otherwise would have been trashed.
Until we meet next
With lots of love


  1. I love your little plarn trivet! I'm in the middle of making a shopping bag myself:@)

  2. So good to know..hope it came out well. A shopping bag needs quite a lot of plarn I think, and needs to be strong too. Happy Crocheting and a great weekend.