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Monday, March 25, 2013

Banana Banter: A Crochet Banana Cozy

Hello dear ones,
I made a cozy for a Banana.. See the story in pictures...

Just selected the right shades of yarn..

Started working from the tip of the banana following the same color pattern from the model of a real banana that I used..

Used SC and DCs in one continous circle around increasing to cover the curve of the banana..

Working to see the right fit helps in getting the perfect cozy.

It is almost like a designer fitting the clothes on the model to examine the fit..I handmade a cute little banana button too for this draw string cozy.

Using different shades of yellow I was able to replicate the shade as in the real banana.

Here is the banana venturing out into the snow with a warm cozy...just as hens, horses, and dogs have warm cozies to step does this banana..
Well I made it for using this to carry a banana inside the handbag for a little snack whilst preventing it from getting squished. So it is like a carry bag I would say.

Here's another handmade banana that is peeled already? Who peeled this one?

Time to say goodbye, until we meet again,
With lots of love

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