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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

pink and blue I love you too...

Pink pink and more pink sitting on my knee..bear at my feet ...what am I up to..?? .the golden hook weaving away.....!!
The broomstick touches the yarn again..rugged dainty...and coming up pretty are the rows of broomstick crochet flowing through my fingers..
More coffee and more rows...bear is trying to peep into my basket!!...and is wondering what I am making...
the pink embraces the blue and seamlessly they settle in......its a beautiful sea green glassy and the hues..
There it is..the pink and blue I love you too...half and half  broomstick crochet the big question.........who is this for...? It measures just 24 inches..that should give you a clue.
Keep guessing till it all unfolds..
Lots of love

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