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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My world of color and wool

These flowers were so endearing .. it was almost as if they were asking me to buy them all and bring them home...

What an awesome dash of colors. Nature has the most wonderful palette of colors. Looking at green and blue flowers with such depth in beauty is a feast for the heart and soul.

more pictures for you...these sure inspire me with my afghan crochet combinations..when I plan to weave the next blanket I shall revisit these pictures..and weave this on to them..don't you think that will be lovely?

Here is my yarn collection Bucille, pure wool..the colors seem to match so well indeed..
Love them..

More from my it paints or wool..animal fibre or acryclic fibre made yarn or clay ..i love colors, its like having tha rainbow in my reach to create something ..

I was arranging them to see what I would do with them picking up random colors...

To create a rugged effect I joined them on purpose with knots such as these..

Begining the weave them in simple SC stitches. The play of randomly picked strands and knots inbetween is creating a great texture..

Here's the finished patch. It is so precious I shall reserve this for using on something priceless for myself...Have neve owned my own yarn bag..can I use this somewhere ..when I make my own yarn tote?

Certainly looks yumm..

A glimpse at a boquet of flowers turned into something so precious indeed..

Until we meet again, wishing you lots of love and laughter.

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