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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Giffe and Wedding Accesories

I have not introduced Giffe yet to you all...... Well here he is... My baby Giraffe. He came home one fine winter day... He is 2 months old now, and is so lovable indeed. He is my happy companion and is forever looking in wonder with big saucer like eyes.

Here is Giffe with his friends...Woody Owl and Woolly Owl. All posing for a picture perched on my yarn basket!!

Looks like Giffe is trying to be a geek here..look at his tail!!

Giffe is playing with my yarn. Oh yes he is really naughty ..

Giffe meets his tribe, and is posing again with two hand painted canvas acrylic mini paintings. He sure seems to value art.. and appreciate it too..
I love painting on mini easel and canvas..
Here is Giffe again..with the bear. Dont they look real cute together?

Giffe is peeping to see the Peace Dove that has flown in..

Giffe with his friend Mia.

Giffe trying to keep warm..

Giffe is curious to look at my designs for the flower girls dress accesories..

Giffe is trying to model and show how a barette should be fixed on the hair..just that he does not have much hair. I made 8 flower girl dress accesories and 8 barettes, for a friend's wedding. I think I should make some for myself too!

Giffe sitting guard over my supplies trying the count the pearls and be of help to me...I .made green handmade clay roses for the first time, and they were really pretty. Again, I used some special clay mix recipes to get the right blend and texture.

Giffe is very tired and has settled down to sleep inside my yarn basket..

These are the 8 dresses for the flower girls for a friend's wedding..

Giffe is playing the bridal march and is wondering how it would be to look like a bride!!

Giffe is posing on a pretty fabric crochet mat festive as the season. He wants to be at the centre of the piece!

Tucked in bed now Giffe says Good Night to you.
And until we meet again
Lots of love from

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