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Friday, March 22, 2013

Lakshmi garlic paste bottle cozy: Broomstick lace crochet

Presenting here is my bottle art:
The garlic and ginger paste bottle from the Brand Lakshmi is really the best versatile bottle I have seen by far. I have hand made a bottle topper and am in the process of weaving a cozy for the bottle in a pretty green. 

Just begining with simple SCs here and you also see my pretty green handled crochet hook. I made this handle myself, and it helps me identify the different sizes by just the handles, enables me have a better grip. and another benefit is that it enhances the width of the hook and gives me a better feel.

I am developing the base of the cozy with the bottle base in mind and with tight knit stitches that gives a good foundation for this cozy to be also used as a draw string bag.

I worked around the base..

Pretty Broomstick lace ..This is my all time favorite indeed. The lace is also known as the Peacock eye lace or the Jiffy lace.

Green is so refreshing indeed.

This is a top down view of the serenading birds. The birds are in a rose patch as you can see.
My imagination runs wild with nature, when I start developing my themes and designs and get them from my drawing board on to form... Midway the yarn was getting really knotted, and it was another lesson for me on lovingly and patiently unraveling the knots...

This is the view of the bottle with the ginger paste inside. I wait for them to get over!!

Have used the jar with the bird topper to store candy!!
Hope you enjoyed this art. Until we meet again,
Lots of love

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