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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today's Inspiration, Beyond the Skies and Veggies...

God's creation is so awesome indeed  and fills the palette with colors...

Here's the last of the snow of the season...

New Daffodil buds have sprung up even before the last block of snow has wonder it is called so dramatically springs up..

The skies are as beautiful as ever...and so inspiring with their vibrant ever changing formations and depth in color..

 The veggies also inspire taut and shiny and colorful and so full of life! They make me dive into my yarn bag and draw out the colors..we know where the colors of the yarn come from! My delicate doily is my all time favorite..and white lace is a timeless piece I think..

This yarn sitting with the green peppers is from my Bucilla 100% Pure Virgin Wool collection, needlepoint crewel wool. The colors are vibrant and the strands of three give me an option to separate them and use them for very delicate and minute work.

You can see the strands here. The feel of this  pure wool is utterly gorgeous and a pleasure to work with.
The skies and the veggies will never seem the same..they are my vibrant living pallette..
Until we meet again, lots of love from

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