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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Hollywood and more

It was a fun trip to see Hollywood homes, last week,  and relate to them.
The huge sign atop the mountain was good to see too.

The following poster does explain about the city site.

Just at the foot of the hills we could see bustling activity ..

There were n number of stars of famous people. Took a few pictures ,,
One of my can read more about him HERE..Zubin Mehta

Here I was waiting for the little tour bus that stopped by each Hollywood home. I was most excited when I saw Lucille Bals's home ,,she would have been a 102 years old as on date a child I have watched her programs and enjoyed them!! More about Lucille HERE.

The tour guide did take around all the celebrity homes..There was sadness when I saw the bedroom where Michael Jackson had died, and the home where his body was brought out from. I have watched his programs as well.

I came back inspired by many a structures, and color and designs and landscape..In my art they all do inform and get integrated in some way or the other. I can write plenty but this will suffice for now!!
Until we meet again
Lots of love

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