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Monday, July 29, 2013

Peacock inspired

If you have visit my art journal  you would have noticed that I am much inspired by nature and among birds am most inspired by the peacock. Here is a  peacock focal pendant that I handmade,  that is kept on my sari, for the photo. The sari is an attire formed by draping 6 yards of long rectangular scarf like material around the body. This sari has a traditional peacock weave hand woven into it.  The links of the necklace were also handmade by me. Working with metals bruises my hands quite a bit..but the rugged beauty of handmade surpasses the pain.

This is a real peacock ..notice the vibrant colors. The peacock neck color is my favorite!!

He is getting inquisitive now!! I took this picture in a  farm in Virginia.
Until next time lots of love

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