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Monday, July 29, 2013

What a simple clothes hanger can do: Hairpin Lace

Over the years I have used various kinds of hairpin looms, and till date my best liked is the U shaped prong also called the hairpin staple.  This one you see here was self made by me!!  with a clothes hanger. I found some  disadvantages as well as advantages.
Firstly let me explain why I made this.
I wanted something light weight and which did not involve too much of changing of rods and clasps, and which I could just grasp easily. And whilst flipping the loom to and fro weight does matter to me.
So how did I make this?
I simply  took a clothes hanger that we get usually get from the dry cleaner's and snipped one end off, with equal fork length. Hairpin lace is also called fork lace. So in a way a fork has thus been created.

The advantage is the weight and ease of flipping the loom. I particularly like the way it fits snug into the palm of my left hand, with the v portion   pivoting to flip to and fro. The disadvantages are that it is very delicate and has to be held gently. Overall for a quick project it comes in handy. Below are some of the hairpin lace projects that one can do.

Made with Pumpkin from Red Heart.

Made with Bernat Baby Coordinates, lime green.

Made with Bernat Baby Coordinates.

This one was made with Autumn Red from Caron Simply Soft.

This one was made by Caron Simply Soft off white.

This one was made with Caron simply soft off white. Hairpin lace Shawls look awesome  to use with  saris too. You can find the pattern for the broomstick hairpin lace ensemble by clicking HERE. 
Until next time
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  1. You are taking real pains to make easy for all who wants to do Hairpin Lace. Shanti, thanx once again.

  2. wow! very beautiful hairpin lace work.

    could you please share how to do that semicircle design using it?

    1. Hope you were able to find the link..the shell or the fan is also explained here..

  3. There is a link at the end of the post. please download the same and follow the pattern.
    Thanks for your appreciation Mira.