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Saturday, July 27, 2013

BBB- Bold and Beautiful Broomstick Lace

Hello again,
Here is a piece that I made yesterday. Broomstick lace lends itself to a great range of possible textures, feel, and mood depending on the type of yarn and the colors and so on..for a nugget on the origin of broomstick lace please click HERE

I love bangles especially those carved from wood. Enjoy the sheen and polish that they take.

Well, made this broomstick lace scarf with vibrant colors transforming into a pretty neck accent. Changing colors on a broomstick lace fabric is a challenge, and especially weaving the ends in. The more number of times I change colors the more ends to weave as each new color has a starting tail and a ending tail.

Tassels add charm to a scarf that a crocheted fringe cannot. They can be made long or short real thick or narrow. I added a fringe with all the colors that went into the scarf.

This is a close up ..

The final product off the hook..This scarf forms a lacy open and light fabric and one can slip it into the purse and transform am outfit for an evening dinner after work. The pop of color goes well with any sweater or dress, with or without  a dark or light color cardigan. Possibilities are endless. Can be used as a sash too.

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