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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Experiments with Collage

I have always loved making a collage, during my teenage days, cutting up interesting pieces of information from newspapers of achievers and so on and bringing them together to draw some  meaning from bits and pieces. There was some unique theme running through each and every one of those actual brick and mortar collage with actual pieces of paper. Today I tried the click and portal way, by virtually clicking and dragging some of my art creations and bringing them into one frame. At a glance I see more of the peacock lace work woven by me...also called the Peacock Lace, that looks to be my favorite!!

Here's Giffe my baby giraffe. He has been my companion while I weave, and is very inquisitive can see him at the laptop, and also taking a nap in my yarn basket. He loves reading, and getting tucked in bed. His does have his own circle of friends ..Mia the pretty little girl, and the bears. He certainly seems to love my peace dove, welcoming her when she first arrived.

These are flowers from our garden.

Some more blooms...they certainly are refreshing.

Enjoy the pictures and until next time
Lots of Love

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