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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The 4 Cs....What's Common: Composing .. Crochet..Computers..

Hello dear reader,
I was busy designing and pattern writing, and in the process I was using the words "treble" "repeat" and so on ..In the portals of these words I could pick  so many similar threads running  between  music, computer programming and crocheting.
As a music teacher, who graduated from Trinity College of Music London I enjoy   music notation and the associated joy of appreciation, writing and composing using music, using music  notation. Just the word Treble rings a melody in my ears  in both crochet and pianoforte music....the treble clef signifies the key signature for those notes that lie on the treble, whilst it is also a much used name of a crochet stitch.   The UK treble crochet notation is the same as US double crochet notation. Within the comfort of these words in bliss I rest!!
Presenting to you,  two of my handmade creations..the treble and the  keyboard ornament. They are both very  meaningful to me.
Knowing both UK and US terms is  helpful to  relate with every reader who may follow one of these notations. Music notation  is written in the Carnatic and the Western Notes. Although I do not have a formal degree in Carnatic music, I find parallels there too. It is all so amazing to me.
What I call as notations is  referred to as terminologies.
The inspiration stage, design and production stage are almost similar to music composition and computer programming, both of which I am experienced to different levels.   Hope you enjoy my piano keyboard pictures, and my ornaments too. As within a composing framework I have to compute the value of notes within each bar, so also do I compute the number of stitches and the orchestration of the texture and meaning of each thread in synchronization with the theme.

This is a page from my music book that I had as a 12 year old. Forms the perfect background for my ornaments in treble.

As an end note I am enjoying new designs patterning and testing, akin to composing new music and writing new computer applications. 
Bye now until we meet again
Lots of love


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