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Friday, June 7, 2013

Pet Pal figurines

We all love pets, and they become part of our family.
I hold cherished memories over the years with so many of my pet pals. ....Nancy the German Shepherd, who was sooooo protective over me that she would pounce on anyone who would talk gesturing a little too much!! Doma the tibetian Llasa abso.. the black furry cute one whom we bought on the slopes of the Darjeeling, and who was such a darling. She missed mom mom so much during a brief time when she had gone on a visit out of town, and Doma refused to eat and she died.
Jolly the pomerarian who was forever jolly, Max the chocolate brown dashund who was so cute and has such short legs that he looked as if he was crawling around,  Dicky the country one who guarded the house so well. I can go on and on...about the bassset hound breed the labs called Ebony and Ivory..a black and an ivory coloures one named after the Beatles song Ebony and Ivory.

Sharing this one I made for my friend from a picture of her pal, Daisy, who had spent many many years with them. Pet pals can be made from pictures of the pal.

Until we meet again
Lots of Love

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