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Monday, June 3, 2013

My biggest and smallest

Here are my largest and smallest hooks.
Crochet hooks are made in bone, wood, and plastic and metal. Some are crafted with hooks on either side just as a pencil that I had as a child that had red on one end and blue on the other!!
Some are made now with batteries that light up the tip that enable us to weave when it is dark and or throw more light ..
My hooks are very simple. They are metal and some are plastic. I have handcrafted and embellished some with my own handles that are my own signature designs. The smallest I own is a 1.65 mm and the largest is a 19mm. Both of them are Boye brand of hooks. The 1.65 mm is metal while the 19 mm is plastic and made in India. I have a special place for my hooks in my heart.
I love my hooks!!!!
Hope you are enjoying your week. Stay blessed and until next time
Lots of love to you.

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