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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yo yo doily

Here's a doily I made from scraps of new fabric left overs of my quilting work.

It is a quick and easy project, and the materials needed are here in this picture...

The clover yo yo maker is a very helpful tool. These are the colorful fabrics I used.

The yo yo in progress...

The template enables cutting to size and hemming made comfortable. I normally make my own templates, and this is reuabale and handy to carry too.

I love these little puffy fabrics ..each rectangle when gathered together and puffed looks so cute and inside that little puff there is a story that it brings. The tissue brown fabric yo yo for instance is from an oriental and eastern fabric, after sewing a choli for a saree. You can look up google to learn more about a saree. 

Made a centrepiece with a magic circle and 3 chains to count as one dc and 15 dcs worked into the circle and joined with a slip stitch to make a circular disc. I joined the petal puffs to the centre piece and the edge of the petals were joined using 20 chains, and two rows of DCs worked all around.

This is a great stash buster and can be a great memory board piece that can hold yo yos from all memorable children's clothing as well. My grandmother's needlework basket used to be full of these and I was really awed by these little puffy yoyos when I was a child, and so I do treasure this piece!! 
Hope you liked this and until next time
lots of love

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