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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Banana Banter

I was sharing my personal experiences with regard to cooking the banana stem and flowers, and in the process realized that some did not know where a banana fruit came from. Was it from a bush, or creeper, or shrub or tree??
This led me to draw a quick sketch on a white piece of paper explaining all about the banana. I also had the joy of demonstrating the process of cooking a banana flower, whilst explaining the medical properties. And as usual I did take some great pictures as well... Look at the tiny baby bananas in formation tucked neatly in layers within the folds of the petals of the pretty banana flower. Such an awesome sight it was indeed.
It remind me of my Sunday school kids who had such an aha ha discovery moment when for the first time I told them where a chicken nugget came from by bringing in a stuffed chicken soft toy!!
In the food chain where only the finished products make it the shelves it is becoming more common to miss out on where they came from. I have been blessed with growing up years with gardens and gardening experience that taught me plenty of things.. And love little nuggets of sharing around them.
Lots of love

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