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Friday, July 19, 2013

Book cover pattern and method

This is a bible cover I made a long time ago.. Is well used weathered and washed.. On request I an sharing how I made this.
1. Measure the book and make that many chains. Chose yarn that does not stretch.
2. Turn and work sc across till you reach the other end of the book.
3. Make two flaps for the inner side of DC filet stitches to half the size of cover.
4. Sew the flaps together, with a yarn needle.
5. Rejoin yarn on one side and edge the cover with three chains to count as one DC and three DC and slip stitch into the next fourth stitch

Your cover is ready. You can use old files also and cover them like this to make a pretty file that can be kept on the desk as a desk paper organizer

Until next time
Lots of love

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