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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Peacock and me...

I have a soft corner  for the peacock and all about the peacock...My experiences of the sights of the dance of the peacock and watching them serenade and more, informs my art. If you look at my pieces you will notice that the Peacock lace,  also known as the  broomstick lace is my most used techniqie. also called the Peacock lace. I integrate the peacock lace into my apparel creations as well as into jewlery art. Here is a breacelet with the peacock eye lace that I designed and made with a granny square pendant and peacock focal piece.

The following is a necklace and earring set, with a uniquely designed twirl bead. My hands are quite weathered with all these handmade art. The peacock is with the charateristic posture preening the feathers.
This is another version of my peacock and have placed it on my  hand woven silk saree with a golden peacock motif therein, that is unique to southern India.

The serenading peacocks here is my favorite. Locked in a warm embrace it is so graceful to look at.

this one is a focal pendant. no two pieces of mine are the same and my fingers do not respond the same way....and each is as unique ..

Blue is also my favorite color and so is autumn red.

More on peacocks another time!!
Lots of love


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