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Sunday, July 7, 2013


I love are  my handmade bees......I love the honey that they make. I will  never forget the taste of honey dripping and taken straight from the rock, in the crevices of which they build their hives, that I once had the opportunity to taste some years ago on a mountain slope.....I  am in awe of bees all the time..and the one that created these bees.
My curiosity takes me to explore flowers, and nature which is a source of  my crochet woven inspiration. In the process of my nature appreciation this morning,  I found this new kind of ball snugly hidden in the lowest branches of the tree. This tree has given me many special moments of inspiration ...
wondered why a bee hive looked so different, it looked like a round brown paper ball, so neatly made, with such a great finish that it looked like someone had put up a ball up there..... All my pictures are taken from my phone and so I had to get close to this strange ball in the presence slowly brought more curious black bees around the ball and around me that I had to run back inside..
Whilst sharing about this a dear friend informed me that it was not a bee hive but  a hornet's nest. I googled and indeed it was a great moment of learning. I came to know how dangerous they are and how they attack and where they are found and so on...Never thought they will be found so close to our mail box!! and almost so close to our heads whilst we walked by....."Black hornets are indigenous to the United States, as they tend to reside in climates that have four seasons. Though there are communities all over the United States, they are often found in places like the Rocky Mountains and California, where they are typically found in meadows, on the edges of forests, or in parks. Outside of the United States, the black hornet can be found in the southern parts of Canada." "The black hornet is known for its football-shaped nest that is attached to branches or inside shrubbery. The nest's paper-like construction is a product of chewed strips of wood and saliva. It starts out as a couple of cells created by the queen, and grows to accommodate the hornet community as it flourishes. As the nest gets bigger, it is reinforced with twigs and branches by the worker hornets. In warmer climates, their nest can keep growing, reaching up to three feet long. However, typically, one nest averages around 12 to 20 inches long and can hold up to 700 hornets -- its opening is situated at the bottom."
Read more:
Indeed yes there was a hole at the bottom and there was quite a lot of activity that I  noticed  until I was forced to run back.
I have loved this tree a lot and the flowers in the garden and  this tree holds a lot of inspiration for me, and there are plenty of flowers around the tree.  Here was the little one that I photographed  yesterday who gave me a big bright smile and I smiled back at her. Beautiful isn't she?

Here was this little bunch and I had to kneel down by her side to give her some attention. The hornets must have visit them all !! I am sure.

The evening shadows on the wall yesterday evening bounced the sunlight on to the tiger lilies and they all looked so wondering now if they had seen  the hornets too?

Here was a lone dragon fly (right in the center here in this picture)..he was all by himself..looked as if he was examining the wall! and sure he was not great company for the hornets I think..

Here's the tree that  now holds the hornet home, which I came to know this morning. Will share my many experiences with this tree...

The spring time buds  pushing itself on the tree was an awesome sight, and spoke so much of new beginnings and hope..

The flowers that the tree dropped all over made such a lovely floral carpet that was so awesome and the color that reflect the baby blanket in broomstick crochet that I was then weaving..The tree was so meticulously raining down her flowers to embrace each and every blade of grass that the grass was all blanketed under them...what a glorious treat from this tree, and the creator who made the tree so...

Hiding from the tree behind the wall were these fragrant roses..Again..would the hornets have been here as well?

The tree during spring...was such a treat .. beautifully dressed  with flowers...

This branch has served as a craft prop and stand for me!!

Look at my earrings hanging from the tree!!

The tree during winter...

The tree acts as my poncho stand,,,this is a poncho that I made..

in full spring bloom..amazing..the flowers come up even before the leaves..

Tree trunk acts as my stand again...

A granny square earring and pendant with a chain that I had made..there is something so rugged and nice about the trunk..the hornets build their home chewing and making their home from the bark of the tree..

Here's another picture of my granny square ear drop..

So much love to the tree that has been part of my art journey..
and lots of love to you

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