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Saturday, July 27, 2013

A peek into my tools..

Hello dear friend,
Thanks for visiting. Hope your art journey is enjoyable as well as relaxing. I just took a few moments to show you around some of the tools I work with. It is not exhaustive but it has captured some of it.

You see my self healing mat, that I use for various tasks such as measuring and not limited to mere use  as a cutting mat. The Rotary cutter blade is so very sharp and I use the scissors and cutter as per needs. On the background you see a little mat that I made out of four to be trashed grocery bags. Click HERE to see more of this mat.  Click HERE to see how I made it.
Here are my team members.. I do not collect hooks and these are all the ones that I have and some of them have been with me for a real long long time. I have decorated them as per my needs with my jewelry mix that is built to last and strong.  I hold the hook neither as a pencil nor as a tooth brush but as a combination of both.

My pen is one of my art tools that records and writes down all my inspirations.

That's a peek into the quilting, sculpting, sewing and crocheting needs.

A pocket iron that helps to iron out my pieces of fabric and tape and so on..

Singer has been our family favorite, what my mother uses, what I use and what my daughter uses.
Hope you liked this little tour of my tools.
Until next time lots of love

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