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Saturday, July 6, 2013

10 juicy gummy bears sitting on my drawing board ..

You may have wondered why  there were not many blog posts from me,  the past week. I was busy working on writing the patterns for my new designs. Often, akin  a flash of lightening I get new designs and inspiration, and I translate them on to a woven form, using different kids of fiber. Whilst doing so I do make notes, rough diagrams, and then proceed to a pattern testing phase, with compatibility tests for various yarn applications, and gauge etc.
I did a formal tailoring course when I was in my teens, and had the luxury of a tailoring teacher who used to come home to give lessons. I owe so much to her and her teaching. Designing in crochet or in any fiber technique does require know-how  that sewing a dress has to offer. Am glad my parents blessed me with such know how.
My sketches are hand drawn and although I do have software helps to draw them on a computer, I love my pencil and paper and good old eraser. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to erase and erase and redo and redo until it matches with my own benchmarks. Raising standards for myself enables me  be my own critique!! Guess who is keeping me company now?  5 juicy gummy bears ..
Well, as I was writing ..
There were ten little gummy bears sitting  on my drawing board
5 fell into my tummy and then there were 5!!

The song ten green bottles sitting  on the wall reminds me of the days when as a music teacher I taught the song to my children. And of all the songs they did like this very much and would wait till the "fall" part and fall to the ground simulating the words of the song. The song was popular in the UK and children sing the same verse with one bottle diminishing each round.....likewise  5 gummy bears fell one by one into my tummy!! Gummy bears are not just for kids...!! Here's the song:
Ten green bottles sitting on the wall,
Ten green bottles sitting on the wall,
And if one green bottle should accidentally fall,
There'll be nine green bottles sitting on the wall.
Back to writing now..and until we meet again
Lots of love and keep smiling and ear a few gummy bears.