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Saturday, July 6, 2013

My Favorite words...Fabric Fusion Fiber Fancy & Fun

Designing and creating with Fabric has been always such a satisfying experience for me. Because I quilt, sew, and also crochet and create with various fiber, fabric brings to me a vast spectrum of choices in fiber in a easy to use form, with a great amount of flexibility to create my own statement in  yarn. Over the years I have made several such art pieces. Each has been named and they have their own personality and story.
I had made one when the Sandy Storm passed by and I was awake watching the trees wrestling with the fierce wind...that night I made a large fabric mat and called it "Sandy". Right from preparation of yarn to completion was all within the span of the stormy night...I will look for the picture and include it here...In the meantime...

Here is a table accent that is a blend of cotton and chiffon. It adds beauty to our  garden bloom. I belong to the ages where adding  a fresh flower to my table would bring me so much more happiness than man made ones. I enjoy all kinds of flowers.

The following are outdoor coasters and potholders that I made, to make outdoor fellowship fun and colorful. They add the cheery depth and are hardy, absorbent  and washable.

This floor decor, made with chiffon and soft floral fabric from sari  yarn and left over fabric after sewing the salwar kameez which is an eastern suit,    adds the luxury for the feet..I simply love this one, especially the way the feet sink into them as if treading on flowers.

This fabric floor decor adds definition and highlights an otherwise uneventful corner or place. Made with cotton fiber fabric it is cool and comfortable to sit on too!!

Yet another one one lush and green..

I love the rugged formations and sunbursts on the floor. Have mounted a few as wall decor too.

Until next time..
Lots of love


  1. The green checks looks great btw what is the size of the fabric so that you are able to crochet

    1. Thanks. Do you mean to many yards? or what is the thickness? It depends on the piece I want to create and which is comfortable for my fingers too..

  2. Absolutely beautiful work of recycling! I love the way you turned those scraps into good use!

    1. thanks anitha, yes these were left overs that I used, some were not left overs and yards that I bought specifically for this..