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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Nature's jewelry stand for display

Hello  precious people,
Isn't it great to be able to visit with each other through blogs and share the art?
New spring shoots, sharp shadows, bright sunshine, chirpy birds set the right mood..and the trunk of the tree serves as my jewelry display stand.
I made these granny square earrings inspired by the budding flowers and leaves. I  incorporated into my design little pieces of rough cut  jade and coral, that reflect the colors of the buds and leaves as well. They  look so pretty.

.. It's the same shoot again...And the buds are now blossoming....they look so  awesome indeed.

You just saw a black granny square earring and a pink granny square earring. They are absolutely featherweight and add the kind of luminant  addition to the ear with its open design and the angle in which it is suspended.

The same buds...getting bigger..and so beautiful indeed                                

Soon there will be a carpet of flowers when they all drop down..
Until then
lots of love

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