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Friday, April 29, 2016

A peacock hairpin lace shawl

Have been longing to crochet with the stained glass unforgettable yarn from Red heart on my hairpin loom. The yarn is silky and pretty to work with. Here are my process pictures. 

One motif at a time the rhythm is soothing ...

After I assembled all the pieces together I carried it with me to weave in the loose ends and add the tassels during my wait time in the car waiting for my friend. 
 Daylight helps in weaving in the ends .. 

Here's the finished shawl. It is triangular in shape. Certainly light weight and breezy design. The link to the pattern is in the "bridal shawl" post. 

The peacock is the national bird of  and I really love the peacock color. 

So light and breezy indeed just as the feathers ..

Hope you liked this piece. 

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