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Friday, June 27, 2014

French Knitting

Hello time!

This is a spool also known as French Knitting. It makes great knitted tubular pieces, that can simply pass through a long tubular space, that starts with four nails where the yarn is cast on.

It just requires a repetitive activity of looping the yarn over with the use of a needle and a little tugging from the other end. The width depends on the size of the spool, and I have seen handmade do it yourself spools using toilet tissue roll cardboard and so on. I would love to see how this works with beads and metal and indeed it will make great bracelets and neckwear ..I would think.

It is as simple and child's play as seen!!
Here is a little reptile that was made.

If you have not tried French Knitting as yet..well please do...simple and neat indeed.
Until next time
enjoy Happy art moments!!.

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