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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sunshine on my shoulders..

Hello precious people,

The joy of walking around barefoot with the sound of my anklets praising and joining my heart in joyous applause to the Hand of the Creator was precious indeed.   I love my pretty skirt and my traditional eastern silver anklet. A mix of the east and west indeed!!
Once in a way I wear it just to hear the bells ring akin the reindeer's bells on the snow!!
Come walk with me to see the lilly...

Lillies dancing in the wind set my  heart rejoicing.

Soft flowers, long shadows with the setting sun, refreshing breeze, and watching the baby fox  play near the shed on the velvety grass was breathtaking...and so full of life.
 You can see two of these babies peeping in this picture near the shed.

Every fibre in nature was praising God.  With my feet that can walk and feel, eyes that can see, and nose that can smell there was  so much  to thank God for. Crocheting watching and immersing in the goodness of nature is so very inspiring indeed..
Hope you have been keeping well.  Keep smiling.
Lots of love

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